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Various Artists - Phinery Compilation # 1

The very first release on the newly formed (“est. 2014”, as their Bandcamp page proudly presents) Denmark based label Phinery Tapes is a free compilation of music from the artist who may most likely release stuff from the label. Which is also a nice, handy guide as to what one might expect when checking out Phinery. The Bandcamp page states clearly: this is music to be listened to with open ears and carefully, the music here, falling within the general niche of ambient and rusty drone music (with certain psychedelic folk influences) is made to provide some lush background for the little meditation sessions, forgetting about the outside world and floating on the waves of sound. Keep an eye on this label and expect some very interesting music in the near future!

Various Artists - FFFour KMSU


An eclectic compilation of various artists spearheading the home-spun experimental underground, as collected and presented by the editors of Minnesota based radio show Free Form Freakout. A journey through different clouds of ambience, randing from blissful to difficult - from gently flowing New Age suites to industrially damaged, rusting drones, FFFour is hot on the heels of the latest moves and ideas in the atmospheric underground. Recommended!

Various Artists - Music Interiors

Originally posted on Root BlogMusic Interiors is a compilation/mix of Japanese New Age/ambient music. Can’t get any better than this purely vaporwave/Baudrillard description from the SoundCloud page:

"Mix of Japanese new-age/ambient/minimalist music, mostly emanating from the corporate infrastructure of the 1980s asset bubble. FM synthesis, prefab "lifestyle" soundscapes and the illusion of nature in a hyper-urban environment."

What else can I say, apart from what has been written above? Prepare yourself for a serious zone-out - whether you’re preparing to work on something, read a book, or simply smoke a big fat joint - Music Interiors is a great soundtrack for each and all of those occasions. One hour of furniture music bliss. Highly recommended!

Various Artists (Digitalis Recordings) - The Isolatarium


Brad Rose is a man of many talents. Apart from being the head of always-reliable Digitalis Industries label and taking part a plethora of musical projects like Altar Eagle, Charlatan or Ajilvsga (to name just a few), operating on the fringes of ambient and experimental music. And it turns now that now he’s becoming a writer! The Isolatarium is Rose’s debut novel, a cyberpunk-inspired science fiction action story taking place over 300 years from now. Here’s a plot synopsis, which sounds mighty interesting, takings hints from William Gibson and Philip K. Dick:

"In the late 24th century, hacker Diadem Streng idles inside an isolated prison in space, tormented by his past. Dragged into dangerous experiments by his charming girlfriend, Celandine, and her dream of reviving Earth’s dead oceans, he learns a dark secret that could threaten the control of the corporate elite, the Magnates. The only way to avoid such a fate is to destroy everything he and Cela had worked so hard for before the Magnates ruin their lives. Ultimately, he is locked away in a sterile white hell, forced to obsessively search for the truth in his own memories."

Together with the story goes a free compilation of music from the regular Digitalis roster to serve as a soundtrack for the reading experience, ranging from paranoid mutant techno to melancholic winter ambience, all perfect for the technology-filled, dystopian nature of the novel. So download the comp and get the book, it costs only 2 dollars (but you can give more!) on Bandcamp. You can also get a Kindle version from Amazon for a little over 4 dollars. Highly recommended - both the book and the compilation!

Various Artists - Mycology is Our Psychology


A diverse collection of psilocyin mushroom inspired songs and compositions, ranging stylistically from the reverb-drenched and slowed down stoner sounds of Fungal Abyss, ecstatic trippertronics of Empty, atonal cripple synth noise of Ronzilla, the drowned loner krautrock of 3 Leafs and many more, spanning the psychedelic forest of sounds. I really hope you guys (&gals) took an advantage of the Mad Season and stored some liberty caps. Because this comp might get very useful to you. I already made a use of the season. Now it’s your turn.

Various Artists - Proceedings

A compilation from the Polish deeply undergound label sqrt which collects music from the artists that frequently shared the scene back in 2012. The ideas of expression differ greatly, from the frenetic free improv noise rock/no wave workouts of HUN (probably my favorite track on the comp), the electroacoustic explorations of Artur Rumiński and the brutally cut-up noise collages from Sleep Sessions (whose sudden implementations of violent noise into the heavenly ambience remind me of Kevin Drumm). Łukasz Ciszak gives us some funeral guitar drone with a really sandpapery edge and ARRM’s closing “Black Water” is a psychedelic, droning guitar vista reminiscent of Barn Owl. Highly recommended for the people who want to hear some of the finest in the Polish experimental underground.

Kevin Greenspon - Paradise A.D.


This exhaustive (65 minutes!) compilation of music from 5 cassettes shows the ideas and the creative processes of the West Coast’s ambient explorer Kevin Greenspon, who effortlessly slaloms between somewhat sandpaper-like synthesizer based textures and gentle, subtle guitar-driven vistas in the likeness of the great ambient masters of the decades past. “Paradise A.D.” is a gallery of moods crafted for every occasion. Recommended! If you like this, buy the CD from the artist himself.

Various Artists - Sequence 2


This wonderful compilation took me by surprise while randomly browsing through the vaaaaast (like the Ikea head warehouse vast) archives of my e-mails. The stunning artwork caught my eye and the music just followed (or actually even surpassed; and fitted; the artwork!). Brilliant & beatific, mutlilevel and higher existence ambient passages cross beat filled areas full of futuristic trippertronics. A mindblowing, monstrous collection of the forerunners of the most modern incarnation of psychedelic music. 43 tracks. Available for free. Incredible. Highly recommended!

Various Artists - Bent Minds (Night People, 2012)

Ridiculously retroid and industrially EBMic, this free compilation of songs from the Night People label’s newest batch of releases will fill you with a futuristic sense of passion and the feeling of nostalgia behind the Depeche Mode-filled times, where everyone had a phrase of wearing trenchcoats and being gloomy all around, artistically. Deep vocals, minimal synths. Night People have shifted themselves into definitely colder and more electronic areas - and it’s doing them much good, it seems. Great compilation, and make sure to grab some of the releases after the listening!

Bent Minds (Mediafire)

Various Artists - Hare Akedod 002

Psychedelic nuggets collected from all over the fertile experimental scene of Belgium, released on cassette by the Hare Akedod imprint. Featuring trakcs by, among others, Hellvete, Jan Matthé, Urpf Lanze, Kosmische Keuterboeren, Razen adn Vom Grill. Cosmic synthesizer noodles meet shamanic Eastern hashish guitar explorations. Kosmische musik and Asian drones in one place. Collected. Condensed. Adventurous. Great compilation, recommended!

Various Artists - Tu nadaje anatomia rekina

Ass kicking compilation of Polish noise rock, math rock and post-rock bands (with serious focus on the noise rock end of the spectrum). The name of this comp (which can be translated to “this is shark anatomy broadcasting”) is a reference to June of 44’s The Anatomy of Sharks, so it gives you an idea what to expect. Raw guitar mutilation, maniacal drumming, some electroacoustic experimentalism… A great introduction for those who want to get acquainted with the more underground/experimental end of Polish scene.

Various Artists - Tu nadaje anatomia rekina