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Blue Dreaming Cat - Old Myths

This is the kind of music I didn’t expect to like initially, but as the tracks flowed on, I grew on loving the unique, genre-fusion of sounds by Zielona Góra, Poland trio Blue Dreaming Cat. If you can get past the amateurish cover, get ready for some jazzy and post-rockish soundscapes somewhere between SimCity 3000 soundtracks and lost Tortoise tapes that will unearth in some 40 years via some post-Internet label. If they describe this kind of improvy, slowly unfolding sound as post-rock, then hell yeah I’m all for post-rock of this kind. Truly cinematic and professionally executed on all levels, from musicianship to sound mastering. Good stuff. Recommended!

JCCG - Eje

Originally released on cassette on Department Tapes and later reissued on Aquae label in the number of 50 cassettes, the work of Portuguese guitar impressionist JCCG follows the work of another visionary who painted lush imaginary landscapes with the use of electric guitar and a few simple effects, namely Roy Montgomery. Delicate, reverb and delay ridden soundscapes lead the listeners into areas of great tranquility and calm, where nature is untouched and there is not a single soul around to contaminate the experience. One of the albums that should rather be played outside, in the shining sun than listened to at home, in a room. So make sure to bookmark this Bandcamp page, it might come useful during your next trip to some wild, undiscovered location in your area. Highly recommended!

Alosi Den - Live from the School of Disembodied Poetics

The Boston based sunshine hunters Alosi Den follow the utopian footsteps of early Eternal Tapestry with a bucolic, droney kind of communal psychedelic rock that lights up the mood and shines a light even on the gloomiest of mornings. Sometimes it’s a shimmering slow jam, like getting freshly stoned during a hot summer day in the middle of the woods and watching the sun shine through the leaves. Other times the songs become slowcore-y, nostalgic sepia-toned emanations with a post-rock delicacy packed into Tortoisian sophisticated beauty. Something heartwarming out of something very simple. Recommended!

Baseball Cap - Idiot’s Smile

Voyeuristic ambient? A concept electronic album based on the experiences of watching stereotypical college bros during a long period of time? Whatever that is, the album by Christian Michael Filardo’s new project, Baseball Cap, based in Baltimore stems from the experience of living next to the college students’ house for quite a long time. The results are slightly annoying droning electronics that unveil a hidden beauty within a house ravaged by party-starting party-animals jumping and prancing around, looking for booze and drugs and then spacing out when taking everything at once, the white and the green and the pills and the blotter, you can’t do that! Oh wait, now you’re floating to the afterlife. And you’re carrying an idiot’s smile. So it goes.

Among the newest crop of cassettes from the Polish psychedelic cassette powerhouse Sangoplasmo Records is a release by the Polish duo Kapital, consisting of Kuba Ziołek (Hokei, Alameda Trio, Innercity Ensemble, Stara Rzeka, T’ien L’ai etc.) and Rafał Iwański (X:NAVI:ET, Hati). As the sample suggests, together, those two psych juggernauts conjure some major guitar magic via the means of a heavy Ray Montgomery worshipping riff floating among the droning, ascending electronics a’la Acid Mothers Temple, except with a soft, ambiental edge that stems from the raw minimalism of the piece’s beginning. A solid release by a solid duo. Get the tape on Sangoplasmo!

Oh by the way, thanks to Gacougnol, now I’m posting the Bandcamp link to the full album!

Niemoc - Prawie

Niemoc is a duo of Michał Drozda (guitar & fx) and Filip Awłas (synthesizers), hailing from Zielona Góra, Poland. The self-proclaime “post-wave” sounds of these future gazers lie somewhere between Endless Endless Endless and Heatsick, a.k.a. two bands no one knows & gives a fuck about but still sound cool on a blog résumé. Dreamy, super-synthetic synthest pop filled with psychedelic, warped ambient and dreamy, slowly unfolding melodies that walk a fine line between innocent and seductive. Deep cosmic zones with a slight New Romantikk edge to screw with while you’re surfing your Tumblr in search of new gender-ambiguous floral print unisex clothing.

The new album from Norwegian warmongers Noxagt is called Brutage is was released in March 2014 via Norwegian label Drid Machine. The newest release is promoted by the lenghtily-titled single, “Someone calls you every night but says nothing. You can’t sleep.” tells a story through the title itself in a somewhat post-rock tradition, but what we get here instead of post-rock dynamics is truly noise rock dynamic, keeping in touch with the most bone-crushing moments of White Suns (especially “Footprints Filled”) - a supermassive, deadly and utterly destructive death metal jam stuck in formaldehyde, sustained in incredible tension between tight rhythmical walls, and nothing is left there but move upward with levels of distortion and brutal bass interplay to create a sort of doom math, leaving no prisoners while relying ruthlessly loyal to the ever-ubiquitous rhythm of the atomic drums.

Can Can Heads - Butter Life

The Finnish noise rock veterans Can Can Heads have been around since 1993, which makes them old enough to drink beer. And with age they bring the experience needed to play the kind of garage-ridden, lo-fi infested angular noise rock with the help of a skewed, skronky saxophone, Flying Luttenbachers-style. It’s often toxic and super-distorted, but sometimes it gets floating and exposes some strangely psychedelic energy bulbing from underneath the amphetaminic noise rock. Somebody on Bandcamp has written about this album: "The world would be a better place if everyone owned this LP. A "Trout Mask Replica" for the iPhone generation. Favorite track: Breakdiscodance." I agree with the first part. For the second part, it lacks the proper vocals. Anyway, deliciously damaged shit-rock for y’all.

I feel really embarassed to admit that today is the first time I’ve ever listened to Eugeniusz Rudnik. It’s one of those “why so late?!” moments.

The self-titled LP from the French atavistic noise clatter unit La Morte Young is like the opening scene of 2001: The Space Odyssey, except with the monolith replaced with a huge guitar amplifier. Gigantic, distorted drones give way for endless, freestyle drum workouts while the inhuman shrieks rip and tear the already strained eardrums of every poor soul that happens to stand in their way. This is rock music stripped of every shred of humanity; it’s either the imagining of the first music ever played, translated into the language of electricity, or the last music that will ever play, with expiring amps spitting out last agonal feedbacks on the ruins of humanity. Not for the faint of the heart, but it’s like a goddamn brutalist Nirvana if listened to loud enough. Get the LP from Dysmusie.

Hear Hums - Malaise

It’s obvious from the first seconds of the opening “Veil”, that Malaise, the newest album from the Gainesville, FL based duo Hear Hums have grown more refined and mature since their 2012 album Opens. Since the previous album was whimsical and carefree in nature, almost childish, strongly reminiscent of early Animal Collective with their fluorescent psych folk, their newest release is much darker, with the disturbing artwork almost bordering on horror aesthetics. The meticulous sound design reminds me of Amon Tobin’s Foley Room, combining field recordings with droning mysteries, turning fever dreams into nightmares, where wonder meets dread and the faeries have turned into demons. Playtime is over, time to wander the dreadhalls.

Kikagaku Moyo - Mammatus Clouds

From the first batch of the releases of the brand new cassette label (still smelling of freshness, show me those buds) Sky Lantern Records, based in Tucson, Arizona, US, comes the dronetastic Mammatus Clouds cassette from Japanese acid magicians Kikagaku Moyo And it’s already made quite a stir in the underground, selling all 100 copies of the cassette almost in an instant, and I can hear why. It’s an epic slow burner, bold and confident, with the opening track “Pond” clocking at over 27 minutes of endlessly ascending tribal sitar-groove floating on the ambient-infused foam of creation. Deep, ritualistic psychedelia with all the signs of a classic desert peyote ritual. Gradients of sunset. Silhouettes of succulents. De-personalization. Psychedelic experience. Highly recommended!

Robin Allender - Foxes in the Foyer

Boy, I do sure like listening to two completely different new albums one after another. Because the ambience of Bristol, UK based guitarist Robin Allender is about as detached from the coldness and inhumanity of Oddgrad. It’s warm, summery, even more like early autumn. Probably I’m guessing that because of the cover. Nature themes run high on this record, as Allender (who’s primarily a member of Yann Tiersen’s band) provides meditative, cinematic pieces of American Primitivism. The opening track, “Klondike”, sounds like the Spring itself (just like the La Morte Young said: “You Must Believe in Spring!”). That’s correct - after listening to this piece I was blown away like a pile of stale old leaves, exposing the fresh growth. With shimmering dronescapes thrown in between sprawling fingerpicking emotional vistas. This is a hugely relaxing album, providing a meditation on man vs. nature kinda stuff and thinking about going hiking for the next weekend in the nearest bushes. Good folk. Get it.

Oddgrad - Treatment

The Madrid based label Go Finger collects the fresh and the undiscovered in the Spanish techno underground, ripping throught he surface with a new album by Oggrad. Treatment is an explosion of warehouse sleaze pumping forth among the smeared Tulpa-like bloops and bleeps. It provides a spook with its elongated, suspended dark ambient dynamics progressive forward at a plodding pace. The ghost of Andy Stott looms all over this album - this is dark, cold techno at its finest. Concrete alienation. Recommendation.

Złota Jesień - Młynów

I don’t usually post singles, ‘cos I simply prefer the full-album format over separate songs, but this time I’ll make an exception. The track “Młynów” by the Warsaw band Złota Jesień (which can be translated as “Golden Autumn”) is some concentrated rock fury. Just look at these Bandcamp tags, damn! “devotional dream noise gtr drone shoepunk”. Dream shoepunk? Sounds incredible. The song itself sounds like getting really fucking drunk and wondering whether you’re OK with your current girlfriend/boyfriend or wondering whether you would be better off with your ex (or the next one). And then wrecking stuff on your way home out of sheer alcohol-fueled anger while crying at the same time. Hazy and angry. Beautiful and ugly.